Jakir Hossain

Web & Mobile App Developer

Love Writing

Love to write both Code and Fiction. I have written some Science Fictions and Story. Probably complete a Story is most rough and tough work for a writer. So there are many incomplete story on my harddisk. However, published complete items on my Blog.

Like Freelancing

Started Freelancing at mid of 2011 as a web programmer. Yet working as Freelancr. Now beside web Programming, i am also working as Mobile App developer. Now planing to start as a Game Developer.

Do Coding

Believe in Code! Beside Java, I love web technology. Most of my App are cross platform and i use web technology for building such app. Mozila give me a dream by Firefox OS.

Taking Adventure

Surfing and climbing is my favorite hobby. Climbed highest mount in Bangladesh Keokradong and many small Mount. Love cycling. Give a long tour by Cycling [Dhaka to Chitagong] and some small tour. Will give more tour by cycling.